Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can help me find a new employer?
A: is an online service set up for the sole purpose of helping caregivers find the ideal, live-in caregiver job in Israel. Once you have completed a short application, will advertise you on its website allowing thousands of potential employers in Israel searching for a caregiver to access your profile and contact you directly with employment opportunities.

Q: How much will it cost to join
A: is not a placement agency but an online advertising forum; therefore there are no placement fees. For a limited period advertising your profile on where thousands of employers in Israel will be able to contact you directly with employment opportunities will be free. After this limited time period has expired we will of course notify you of the change and you can choose to continue advertising with us for a small advertising fee or discontinue our services.

Q: How can a potential employer contact me?
A: All potential employers will be able to access your profile on our website and will be able to contact you directly either by email or telephone.

Q: How to obtain a working visa and registration with a new employer?
A: It is important to note that you should not leave you current position until you have registered with a new employer in Misrad Hapnim (Government visa office). Your new employer must first obtain a permit to hire a foreign caregiver, and then this employer will register you in Misrad Hapnim. Your new employer will then register you with a caregiver agency that has a special permit to enlist foreign workers. In accordance with Israeli law, all paperwork will be completed by the caregiver agency selected by your new employer and at no cost to you.


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